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There's a famous Will Rogers quote that the easiest way to double your money is to fold it over and put it back in your pocket, which for the most part is true. When people advocate doubling your money, generally speaking there is a scam afoot and you will end up loosing it, with one shining exception, investing in the stock market and waiting 10 years.
It's one thing to set a goal to save half my income, but actually doing it is an entirely other story. Here's a (brutally honest) look at exactly how I've managed to hit my savings goal over the past few months - because I've been consistently hitting it every month since October.
With every conversation I have, book I read, mistake I make, and new knowledge I acquire, I feel less sure about everything. French philosopher Voltaire said it best: "The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing."

Extreme Ownership | Jocko Willink | TEDxUniversityofNevada

War is hell, but war is also a brutal teacher. War teaches you about brotherhood, honor, humility, and leadership. In this riveting talk, Jocko Willink explains from personal experience how war teaches you the most when things go wrong. Jocko asserts that when a team takes ownership of its problems, the problems get solved.
That shirt you haven't worn in months. That box of trinkets in the garage. That closet, that basement, that storage locker, all brimming with old stuff. What do you own that you don't enjoy? If you could start over, would you buy those items again today?
You should see my Inbox after I've left it unchecked for a few days. The sheer volume of crappy pitches, press releases, 'check out my infographic' and 'could you link to us?' requests would make your head explode.
Savings is something sacred that you need to build up and guard against loss. Warren Buffet has some famous rules about not losing money. We should not rely on savings for spending money. Rather savings should working in your favor while you use other financing to get by.
Greetings, readers! Just over a year after launching this blog, I've finally roped Daniel into writing a post! I hope you'll enjoy some more background on his financial story and how he, too, was able to build enough financial security to be comfortable dropping everything to travel the world.
You can earn a higher hourly rate in your free time than you can earn in your day job. This is assuming that you have some sort of skilled gig you can do quickly. For example, I do IT side jobs after work and on weekends.
"Dad, what is money?" my 5-year-old son asked me on a bright summer afternoon as I sat in the yard. Catching me totally off guard from the daydream I was having about travelling
Financial habits are just as difficult for some people to make and break as any addiction or other bad habit. Yet others can change their habits quite quickly and effectively. Do those people just have more willpower? Are they smarter? Are they somehow than the rest of us? I suspect not.